1989 Mazda RX-7 Factory Service Manual

A Pre-delivery Inspection (396 KB)

C Engine (4.4 MB)

D Lubrication System (854 KB)

E Cooling System (653 KB)

F1 Fuel and Emissions Control (Non-Turbo) (4.5 MB)

F2 Fuel and Emissions Control (Turbo) (4.6 MB)

G Engine Electrical (1.4 MB)

H Clutch (815 KB)

J1 Manual Transmission (Non-turbo) (2.0 MB)

J2 Manual Transmission (Turbo) (2.1 MB)

K Automatic Transmission (9.4 MB)

L Propeller Shaft (161 KB)

M Front and Rear Axle (1.6 MB)

N Steering (1.2 MB)

P Braking System (2.7 MB)

Q Wheels and Tires (257 KB)

R Suspension (1.5 MB)

S Body (4.9 MB)

T Body Electrical System (4.1 MB)

TD Technical Data (877 KB)

ST Special Tools (362 KB)