Web Comics To Read:

I tend toward furry, techie, and manga, but there's a little of everything here!
(and the bloody list keeps getting longer!)


It's Walky!/Roomies - It's over, but there's 7 years of archives! One of the best Webcomics ever - HIGHLY recommended!

Schlock Mercenary

Elf Life

Funny Farm

User Friendly the Comic Strip


PvPonline.com - The Daily Online Comic

Greystone Inn

General Protection Fault--The Comic Strip

The Wandering Ones

The Class Managerie (No longer being updated - it's over :(

FANS! is over, too, but the full archives are available at Graphic Smash (subscription required.)

Cyantia Chronicles (actually several comics in the same continuum, updated on a rotating schedule)

College Roomies From Hell!

Gaming Guardians

The Life of Riley (on hiatus, but it's archived here)

Sluggy Freelance - Is it Not Nifty? One of the longest running (since 1997!) web-comics out there for a reason.

El Goonish Shive Who cares what it means? It's weird (in a good way!)
El Goonish Shive

Wapsi Square

Black Tapestries - Shapeshifting, magical, immortal fantasy adventure! (Tuesday-Friday, actually)
Black Tapestries Banner

The Devil's Panties - How could you not like a name like that?

Accidental Centaurs

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and sometimes Saturday!:


Exploitation Now

...is over, try

Errant Story

Penny Arcade Cartoons


The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger) ...

The Joy of Tech!

Jackie's Fridge


Girl Genius Online - Phil Foglio's dead-tree comic brought to the Wild World Weird!
Girl Genius banner

The Wotch - Witches in training, transformations, weirdness galore!
The Wotch Banner

Shortpacked! - David Willis' new comic about... life working in a toy store?
Shortpacked Banner

Zap! - cat girls, psychics, critters, & robots? I'm there!
Zap! banner

DMFA - Adventure, wings, succubi, carnivorous cows!
DMFA banner

Tuesday and Thursday:

*Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy!*

Tonja Steele


Whenever the mood strikes:

After Y2K by Nitrozac. The next millennium is...

Argon Zark



Framed!!! (or Naught Framed, or whatever Damonk is calling it now...) Might actually update some year...
Naught Framed! Banner

Goblin Hollow/Under the Lemon Tree


Ghost: 2138 - Sunday - if they ever start updating again...
Ghost 2138 Banner

Snorty - Mini humor every Sunday


Zebra Girl - Friday-ish
Zebragirl Banner

Eversummer Eve - Monday

Nodwick - D & D humor galore! - Wednesday-ish
Nodwick Banner

Misty The Mouse by Dutch!
Misty Mouse Banner

Mine's Bigger! - busty, undead elfin humor. Updates Wednesdays.
Mine's Bigger! banner


Sabrina Online Banner


More Comics:

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Big Panda Comics

the Evil Network

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