And who am I, you ask? Or even if you don't...


Well, I'm a 40 year old guy, with something like 50 hours left to go on my Computer Science Engineering degree at The University of Texas at Arlington, which is on hiatus (and has been for about 9 years as of May, 2009.) I did attend a technical school, studying Electronics Technology (electronics and computer repair) and graduated Valedictorian in my class. As near as I can tell, 4-year colleges are way to interested in wasting my time and money on crap that has no bearing on my major, and in fact was covered in High School. Takes several years to get to the classes that matter, and find out you don't like it! See, I'm kind of a Jack-of-all-trades. I'm interested in pert-near everything, as you can tell from my hobbies. In addition to those listed on the first page, I also read sci-fi books and comics, build sf and car models, collect Hot Wheels, and draw (cars mostly - go figure!). Problem is, no particular interest is compelling enough tomake a career out of it. In other words, though I'm 30 years old, I'm still having trouble figuring out what I want to be when I gtow up! Hopefully something'll come along and hit me in the face soon. I'm married now, and I gotta be responsible sometime! On the other hand, I could just wing it; it's worked so far!


Currently, I live in the Fort Worth, Texas area (actually Euless) with my wife Cheri (above, whom I married in October '98) and work at Neiman Marcus' IS Department as a Desktop Technician, where I've been since February 2000. Basically, I make sure all the creative people's Macintoshes stay happy. I have to deal with Windows boxes, too, but that just makes me appreciate the Macs more. :)

My old cube at NM. I need to update - I'm not even in the same building any more.

Ditto on the servers - I have much better equipment now.

I divide my remaining time between Cheri and all the other stuff on these pages, among other things.

As of 8/200 Cheri and I have incurred the largest debt of our lives, by purchasing a house. Did you know that a $90,000 house will actually cost you $257,000 over the 30 years you make payments on it? I do now. Wish us luck!

Cheri and I had our first child, on November 20, 2001! See what pictures we have.


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