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First off, I will go on the record as saying that I am a Mac Afficianado, nay, Evangelist. This despite everything Apple's done to piss off its loyal followers. I will also strate that I am not a platform bigot, though I prefer Mac. I also have a Pentium III machine with enough horsepower for the games and the few things the Mac won't do. I intend to get into Linux before too long, especially considering that MacOS X is UNIX-based, and can be run from a command line.

Macs are very compelling, but I swear that Apple has tried to shoot itself in the foot at every turn. The best way to put it, is that the Macintosh has survived despite Apple. It's that good. I have never run into someone who had switched from a Mac to a PC, and actually preferred it that way. Many the other way around.

MacOS X rules; it is based BSD UNIX, and on the Mach microkernal. In other words, all the power of UNIX underneath the pretty Happy Mac. This should make it easier to port to other processors and platforms - I'm looking forward to it. MacOS needs to be compelling enough to become the preferred OS, and being able to run it on cheaper hardware would help immensely. Hope they get it right this time. Lord knows Apple's screwed up enough in the past - could have been the BIG THING if they had seriously considered licensing instead of firmly imbedding their collectove heads in their collective asses in the 80's. I can only hope that Jobs knows what he's doing. He hit a nerve with the iMac, and the iPod, and then the new iMac, but can he keep it up? Apple's always had great machines and software, but they can't manage themselves to save their lives (which is what they have to do!).

I'll step down from my soapbox now, and if anybody was offended by the above, don't be. It's competition that makes things better, and without Microsoft, Apple wouldn't have had much pressure to evolve. In other words, Bill helped make the Mac as good as it is as much as anybody else, and the reverse is true as well. In fact, in an article in the11/97 issue of Wired, I discoved that Mr. Gates tried to *help* Apple become THE OS in the 80's, but Apple pulled the cranial-rectal inversion. How about that? Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination - the beauty of life. Besides, some of my best friends use PC's :-).

BTW - If I have any of my facts incorrect, email me. I hate being wrong!

Having preached my sermon for the day (and the cult of Mac *is* almost a religion!), I know present some computer related web sites of interest (even for PC Guys!):


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