Mazda in Japanese?

Several people on the RX-7 Mailing List requested the writing of "Mazda" in Japanese. Well, apparantly, the Japanese don't write it in Japanese! However, with the assistance of several other list members, I've got images of the phonetic spelling of Mazda (actually Ma-tsu-da) in both Hiragana and Katakana, in a traditional and a funky font. Which form you use is probably unimportant, as they're both technically incorrect! :-) Also below is "Mazda RX-7" in a couple of fonts that *look* Japanese. Thought I'd throw them in for good measure.

All were created in Photoshop at 300 DPI at a 120 point size, which makes them about 4-5" long, and around 2-1/2" tall. File sizes are low, though, because they are all black-and-white GIFs. If you want smaller, just grab the preview, they're 72 DPI, 2" long, around 7k each.


Mazda-HiraganaMazda-Hiragana, 19k. Font from Yamada Language Center Font Archive (link seems to be dead)

Mazda-KatakanaMazda-Katakana, 18k. Font also from Yamada Language Center Font Archive

Mazda-Hiragana-DefacticaMazda-Hiragana, 16k. In Defactica font from RS125

Mazda-Katakana-OrthodoxMazda-Katakana, 15k. In Orthodox font from RS125

Mazdaspeed-Katakana, 28k.

Mazdaspeed-Katakana, 24k.

Savanna RX7-Katakana, 31k.

Mazda-Electroharmonix30k. In Electroharmonix font from Larabie Fonts

Mazda-Hirosh28k. In Hirosh font from Jonathan Smith, found on Ima Putz GraphX


If you like fonts, especially wierd/unique, or logo fonts, definitely check out Larabie Fonts. He's got fonts based on the 60-70's Plymouth, Dodge, and Hemi logos, NASA, band logos, old TV shows, whatever! Free download, minimal shareware fee (donation). Check it out!