Eventually, I'd like to convert Snoopy to Electronic Fuel Injection. To me, carburetors are primitive fuel leaks, and a pain in the tuckus to mess with. I like being able to tune without getting dirty or taking the same thing apart a dozen times.

So far, I've got a pretty good start - I have the MegaSquirt EFI controller built, and I've obtained a Cadillac/Olds 350 EFI manifold. Here's a look at the manifold's ports.

So far, the current plan is something along the lines of what this guy did, except I intend to use the fully programmable DIY MegaSquirt controller, which currently doesn't handle ignition (stock. There are side projects that mod the 'Squirt to handle ignition.) I'll simply use a vacuum-advance HEI. Possibly with an MSD 6AL or BTM (planning ahead for turbochargers.) a future iteration of the MegaSquirt will have ignition control - I'll chnge over to that when it's available. Fully mappable ignition!

I'd like to replace the factory fuel tank with a tank from an EFI GM B-body car - it should fit with little effort, has an in-tank pump, is plumbed for a return line, and has the behind-the-license-plate fuel filler that I'll need.

So far (1/24/04), that's it. More later.


Added some pics of the throttle body that I purchased off of eBay. I got it for all of $1.00! I hope that the seller doesn't feel too bad about that... Cost over a dozen times the purchase price to get it shipped from Canada to Texas!

The seller thinks that it's from a 1990-ish Ford truck 5.0. It's a twin 50mm unit, which is roughly equivalent to a single 70.7mm butterfly. That's pretty cool when you realize that the Mustang guys are paying big bucks for BBK and other 70 and 75mm throttle bodies. The twin 50mm should give me plenty of room to grow.

The only part number I can find on the thing is "E6TE-BD" on one of the throttle arms (it's a progressive setup, apparently, so there's an intermediate arm). That number doesn't bring up anything on Google, and just "E6TE" is a designation for some Ford V8 heads. According to the aftermarket TB guys, though, this style of TB was used on 87-96 F-series' with the 302, 351, or even 460. Twin 56mm and twin 61mm are available as upgrades!


Hmmm. Apparently, in it's original application, the TB mounts vertically, with the throttle bores one over the other rather than side by side, like I intend to mount it. The problem with this is that the linkage is set up to pull towards the driver's side of the engine compartment, which makes it pull up (or down) if I mount it the way I want. The good news is that the Ford E-vans of similar years use a similar TB that mounts my way. It also has the IAC on the intake tract instead of the TB, so the TB looks cleaner. So, I need *that* TB, or at least it's throttle linkage and shaft. Time for another run to the wrecking yard!


Got around to taking some pictures of the fuel injectors I'll be using. Turns out the Ford CFI (throttle-body injection on the 3.8 V6s and 5.0 V8s) are the same form factor as the original Cadillac injectors, though I still bored out the fuel rail fittings a bit to allow me to use common o-rings, which also allows me to use later injectors that use an 11mm top o-ring as well. According to this page, the V8 CFI injectors that I've got are 46 lb.hr. low-z units, so I should be good for a bunch of horsepower...


Aquired a 460 Ford TB from eBay for (pretty) cheap a few months back. Not only is it oriented the right way, the throttle bores are an even bigger 55mm! Grabbed some TPS's to fit the TB and a couple of Ford IAC valves at Pick 'n' Pull. Not much other progress. Snoopy broke a front spring, so the current project is rebuilding the suspension. Dang car knows when I have money...