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Cogito Ergo Zoom - "I think, therefore I go fast"
- Automobile Magazine's Motto

If it looks cool and goes fast (or even just tries, really hard, to go fast), I like it. Foreign, Domestic, Car, Truck, Bike, whatever - it's all chrome and flames to me. I love the smell of nitro in the morning!

Incidentally, the above illustration is one of my own, originally pen and ink, scanned and colored in Photoshop. Eventually, this beast will exist in 1/25 scale. I've already got the body sectioned, but I've kinda stalled there. All this other stuff doesn't leave much time for model-building! To see this one and more, go to my CAR ART PAGE. Come and marvel at my work! OK, at least look at it and pretend you like it!


I have some stuff for sale!

First, these are my cars:

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 'S' Sports Coupe

1979 Mazda RX-7 GS

2000 Chevrolet Astro Van (actually, it's my wife Cheri's!)

1984 Mazda Rx-7 GSL-SE

Another 1984 GSL-SE!

I also have several parts cars and junkers, but I won't go into that here!


Former cars:

1996 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

1978 Fiat 128 4-door Sedan, 1300cc of screaming Italian power (65 MPH with a tail wind!), nearly indestructable body ( a friend rolled it over, that's how we know!)

1968 Chevrolet El Camino, 327/PowerGlide, buckets & console, green/gold, and lots of Bondo

1978 Chevrolet Monza hatchback, 3.2 L V6 (small version of Buick's 3.8L/231 ci V6) and a 4-speed. Not a bad car, sporty. 'Til the control arm mount detached itself from the chassis.

1981 Buick Regal, 3.8 V6/TH250, it really wanted to be a Grand National =)


And a few of my favorite links:

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Rotary Stuff - got big enough that it now has it's own page!

On a similar note, take a look at wht I've done to my 79 RX-7, and how you can do it too, at my Early RX-7 Modifications Page

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