1978 Fiat 128 sedan

My first car. I got it for free when my uncle's apartment complex threatened to tow it off as a non-operating vehicle (which it was). All that was wrong with it was the fuse holder for the fuel pump. Mind you, that little bugger was under the carpet, so it was a little hard to find... I drove it to high school for a few months, until a friend had a little accident just before Christmas break.

1016 x 688
569 x 514
889 x 497
927 x 540
It was boxy, it was slow, but it was a car! My Car Drawings page has a Hot Rod rendering of the little bugger. This is what happens when your buddy rolls it over on the dirt road in front of your parents' house. Not entirely his fault; the gravel was slick, and four wheel independent suspension/front wheel drive was new to him. The windshield was the only broken window. Rick rolled it complely over, sideways. It was back on it's wheels when I headed back to see why he had stopped. I didn't even know he had flipped it 'til I saw the windshield on the hood. He lost a finger, apparently put it through the glass. It basically bounced on the corners of the car. The sides, and center of the roof were untouched. I'm just thankful he was wearing the seatbelt; could have been his head through the windshield rather than his finger.

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